Introducing Our New Singles

When it comes to cannabis edibles, we at Kiva Confections believe a big future lies ahead for small doses. The term 'microdosing' refers to taking 1-5 MG of THC and savoring the subtle, relaxing benefits of cannabis without excessive psychoactivity. A small dose allows users to stay in control of their experience, and adjust their dose precisely to their own preferred experience.

With this philosophy in mind, Kiva is proud to debut our new Petra and Terra Singles. These pouches contain 10 MG of THC total and serve as the perfect introduction to our popular Petra Mint and Terra Bite product lines. Dosed gently and pocket-friendly, Singles are ideal for new and returning users of cannabis. 

Our sugar-free Petra Singles contain four mints with 2.5 MG of THC each, in either Moroccan Mint or Eucalyptus flavors. Terra Singles contain two Terra Bites with 5 MG of THC each, in either Blueberry milk chocolate or Espresso Bean dark chocolate flavors. 

Our recommendation is for new users to start with one mint or bite, and wait two hours for the full effects to be felt before raising their dose. This ensures that your first edibles experience is a positive one. As many discover, less really is more, and for those who don't- all Petra and Terra products are available in full-size, 100 MG THC tins. Delicious, consistent, and convenient, we hope you try Singles soon, and enjoy the big difference that a small dose can make in your life.