Sample events, the most rewarding events

When we first started Kiva, I just did not realize the scope of our ability to help people in need. I thought they would enjoy the products, sure, but I had really no idea that we would deeply affect so many lives, and that they would come to tell me face to face about their experiences - until I began to do sample events. At an event in San Jose, a patient (we'll call her Amy), waited patiently to speak to me while I finished a conversation. She looked me straight in the eye and told me that Kiva had saved her life by allowing her to give up her addiction to alcohol. The chocolate had given her a second chance and she had gotten her life back. I got chills as she gave me the most sincere and gracious thank-you.

Sample events have a way of connecting us back to the cause. It's easy to get caught up in the daily activities of running a business - training staff, answering phone calls, solving problems - but when all that stuff starts to wear me down, I do a sample event. I am instantly motivated, knowing that it really does make a world of a difference - to Amy.