Kiva's Past and Future

What's in a name? When our company first began in December 2010, founders Kristi Knoblich Palmer and Scott Palmer were on a mission.  They endeavored to create the safest, most convenient and delicious tasting medical cannabis products available, and knew that their commitment to product quality would garner the company some early fans. However- there was still one piece missing from the puzzle. The company's name.

After weeks of debate and many trips to the (literal) drawing board, a word came to Scott that simply looked, sounded and felt right. That word was Kiva.

A 'kiva' is a sacred chamber, often subterranean, that is used for spiritual ceremonies and other religious rituals by Native Americans. It is almost like a doorway between this world and the next- a place where healing, community and even transformation can occur. It is with this holy landscape in mind that Kiva Confections was born.

Six years after its start, Kiva celebrates its birthday with another first: our first pop up shop. We are overjoyed to be able to bring "a higher chocolate experience" to patients in a way that we never have before. Like its namesake, this space was built with the intention of bringing our community together and letting the medicine speak for itself. The raw wood, natural light, and simplified presentation all conspire to make visitors feel like our products do - at home in themselves. 

For the shop's launch, we partnered with a stellar Collective, Harborside Health Center, right in our backyard in Oakland. Also making its debut at the shop: our first, sugar-free, non-chocolate product: Petra. Petra mints are an evolution not only for our company, but for the cannabis industry as a whole. The microdosing philosophy is one that we believe will revolutionize the way cannabis is used. It increases the health benefits of the plant, mitigates the mis-use of the medicine, and points the way to a whole new lifestyle of mindful, active cannabis use. 

If you are in the Oakland area this holiday season, we invite you to join us at Harborside for this special, limited time only shop. Be sure to bring your friends and family and visit us at our very own kiva, a place for everyone to come together and acknowledge the wonderful cannabis community we're all a part of.