Origin Story

How much of who you are comes from the place you call home?
In wine there is a term, terroir, which refers to the environmental conditions in which grapes are grown that give a wine its unique flavor and aroma. Human beings are no different. Like the soil that helps seeds to grow, our homes affect our personalities, our relationships, and our dreams. The place that we grow up is so much more than our past - it is the root of our identity in this world.
At KIVA, we believe that where you come from matters. Our mission to find the perfect CBD for our patients brought us to the mountains of Mendocino, to a group of cultivators who have been farming "The Emerald Triangle" since the 1970s. Growing cannabis is not simply a job here, it is a way of life. The rolling landscape is fertile ground for these plants, as cannabis thrives in the cool winds, perfect climate, and rich soil inherent to the region. This is truly the heartland of American cannabis cultivation, and we are so proud that our CBD plants hail from such a special place.
When you try Kiva's new Ginger and Espresso dark chocolate CBD bars, we encourage you to think of this beautiful land and the people who have made cultivating these plants their life's work. Their history is in every bar, and in every delicious bite you take.
Welcome to a higher chocolate experience.