Make Your Voice Heard in Oakland

We have a very serious ask for our cannabis community today, and we hope that you will find a way to help.

Oakland has an amazing ordinance they have been building for 18 months. At the last minute, an amendment was added to it that would require 50% of license holders to be a resident of 6 out of the 27 police beats in the city. Despite its good intentions, the amendment will not help the unfairly targeted individuals who have suffered from the war on drugs. Instead, it will stifle Oakland’s cannabis program completely and make conducting business here incredibly difficult. Our industry very much supports helping this group to overcome these challenges- but we do not believe this is the way to do it.

We are asking for people to do one of three things to help:

A. Show up to the Oakland City Council meeting this Tuesday 5/17 at 5:30pm at Oakland City hall, 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612. There you can fill out a speaker card like the one below and make your voice heard:


B. Write to a City Council member with the message below:

“I applaud Oakland’s intention in adopting its recent Equity Permit Program, but I believe that its unintended consequences will do more harm than good. This system disadvantages many highly impacted drug war survivors. Individuals in West Oakland and Fruitvale will be left out, as will anyone who lives outside the city. Before the amendment anyone who follows the rules could get a permit, but now only a handful may qualify. This will very negatively affect Oakland’s cannabis program and residents. Instead, Oakland should encourage all new and existing cannabis businesses to flourish by removing the amendment."

The City Council member's email addresses are:

Libby Schaaf

Larry Reid:

Noel Gallo:

Desley Brooks:

Annie Campbell Washington

Lynette Gibson McElhaney

Dan Kalb

Abel Guillen

Rebecca Kaplan

C. Write a Public Comment on the agenda item on the City Council's website (as below) and feel free to use the sample copy above.

If you would like to read coverage about this amendment, you can read East Bay Express' recent column on the subject. Building a fair and inclusive cannabis industry is of utmost importance. We can't change the mistakes of the past, but we can ensure a brighter and more inclusive future in this industry for the many individuals who have suffered from the war on drugs. 

Thank you for supporting this community.