Petra for the People: Meet Our New Flavors

Two thousand years ago, Petra was a thriving trading center connecting travelers from Arabia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean. Carved from sunset-colored sandstone cliffs, the city’s striking grandeur became an ideal setting for the sharing of not only spices and goods, but ideas, inventions, and customs from across the region. Inspired by rich, distinctive flavors from around the world and the cultures that shaped them, Kiva’s Petra Mints are a culinary journey with a cannabis spin. Whether spicy or sweet, sour or strong, Petra has a flavor that everyone can savor. 

Kiva Confections was founded in 2010 and quickly became celebrated for our delicious, trustworthy, and convenient cannabis infused edibles. In 2016, we debuted our first non-chocolate product, and California’s first microdose mint, with Petra in Moroccan Mint and Eucalyptus flavors. This month we are adding four new flavors to the lineup- Pineapple, Tart Cherry, Saigon Cinnamon, and Citrus CBD. 

Petra Mints are not only delicious- they are highly portable, decidedly poppable, and subtly powerful. Powerful not because their effect takes over your life, but rather because it doesn’t. This low-dose, sugar-free and vegan cannabis-infused mint is subtly dosed for an optimal cannabis experience every time. Five of Petra’s flavors contain just 2.5MG of THC, which empowers you with the ability to confidently control your dose with precision. One of Petra’s flavors, Citrus CBD, is CBD-dominant, boasting the same subtle, relaxing effects without even the mild psychoactivity of our THC-dominant flavors. 

Because all of our mints are microdosed, it’s possible to use them as part of a daily routine without interference with work, focus or energy levels. Not only can they help support your management of stress, anxiety, and other conditions, Petra is revered for enhancing your mood and elevating every experience- whether its exploring the great outdoors, hitting the mall, or even folding laundry. Sold on Petra but still trying to find the flavor that’s right for you? Read on.

Moroccan Mint

Inspired by the Mediterranean splendor of North Africa, Petra’s Moroccan Mint pressed pastilles incorporate the cooling freshness of peppermint into the steadying benefit of a subtler THC dose than most edible cannabis currently sold. Not just minty, each piece has the softness of Tahitian vanilla and matcha. Popping a mint before a movie is an excellent way to enjoy Petra— with its incremental dosing, you’re able to find your own personal sweet spot without any measuring or guesswork. 


Our refreshing Eucalyptus Mint Petra delivers its 2.5MG of THC in an icy burst that's perfect for clearing the senses. Like all other Petra flavors, these mints can be dissolved sublingually to increase absorption and hasten their activation time. Clear your mind and refresh after a strenuous workout or activity with the cooling action of eucalyptus and green tea matcha. 

Saigon Cinnamon

Spicy, earthy, and awakening, Saigon Cinnamon Petra Mints are in a class by themselves. When your day seems neverending, breaking it up with cinnamon’s brightness to improve your mood and perhaps even increase patience in stressful scenarios. 

Tart Cherry

Fruity and sweet, with the tart pucker of cherry, Kiva Confections’ Tart Cherry pastille makes a delicious treat either on its own, or as a complement to inhaled cannabis. Inhalables like smoked flower and vape pens have a faster onset (~15 minutes), but a shorter duration (~1hr), so edibles like Petra are a convenient way to extend your cannabis experience.


Why get messy with the real thing when you can opt for a sugar-free tropical break with the perfect amount of cannabis? As with all Petra Mints, Pineapple is sweetened with the plant derived sweetener xylitol. Perfect for social settings, their microdose format is key for new situations when you don’t want to overdo it. Plus, their convenient package is ideal for a discreet treat in public.

Citrus CBD

For a growing segment of the population, CBD is an important part of their daily routine, helping many deal enjoy the relaxing, pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing effects of cannabis without any psychoactivity. Citrus itself has uplifting effects on the body and mind, so pairing CBD and the oils of fruits like orange and lemon can provide a pleasant perk up. Grab one of these 2.5MG CBD mints to bring some calm to your day.

Petra Mints’ extensive flavor choices and steady, reliable microdose format, make these the ideal choice for everyone from new cannabis consumers to seasoned connoisseurs looking for more control over their edible experience. Find them at a local licensed dispensary in CA and HI today!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease