Microdosing Could Ease Fears of First-Time Edibles Consumers

'The onset and duration of edibles are the trickiest factors in really understanding your dose… microdosing addresses both those concerns at once.'

Civilized interviewed Kiva’s Marketing Communications Manager Christie Strong for their new article, ’Microdosing' Could Ease The Fears Of First-Time Edibles Consumers.’

The article goes into the importance for consumers of all experience levels to “find their own personal minimum effective dose.” This is the key to making sure that every individual who tries cannabis edibles has a reliable and enjoyable experience. 

As legalization looms on the horizon for many states, microdosing also addresses concerns about edibles safety and regulation. Before legal regulations are applied in many markets, self-regulation through microdosing can empower both medical patients and recreational users to have control over their dosing and feel confident about their experience.