Know where your medicine comes from.

Tucked away in the mountains of Northern California, surrounded by rolling hills, and tall trees, is a tiny farm growing the best kind of plants. The cannabis here is grown organically, in the California sunshine, with the utmost care and expertise to get the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen. These plants love it up here, as most who visit here will agree. This is one of the many farms that grow medicine for Kiva in California, so we made a visit to see first-hand how the medicine was grown (and take some pictures).

In pots larger than a jacuzzi tub, the plants are gravity fed from a resevoir posted up on the hill. Their lush green leaves are perfect, swaying in the breeze and wafting the scent that indicates they'll be ready for harvest in just a few weeks. They will then be cut down, hung to dry and turned into extract to medicate a Kiva Bar. Next spring, tiny new plants will take their place and grow up to be this big, too, someday.

Its incredibly peaceful, and you can dream about it as you sit back and enjoy your Kiva bar.