Kiva Love Letter: Jesse in Mt. Shasta

As policy around the United States evolves, the stigma around medical cannabis users is slowly fading. It is important now more than ever for the public to see that cannabis patients come in all ages, ethnicities, and income brackets- and they are treating a wide variety of conditions, including glaucoma, epilepsy, cancer, Parkinson's and chronic pain. The stereotype of the typical cannabis patient simply doesn't apply- and can actually be harmful when potential patients are discouraged from trying cannabis because of its stigma. The truth is, cannabis is one of the safest and most effective medicines known to man. The more that patients share their experiences, the harder it becomes for prohibitionists and policy makers to hold back the tide of legalization. The more people come out of the "cannabis closet," the more others will be encouraged to drop their judgments, and try cannabis for their own health and well-being.

With this in mind, KIVA is beginning a new series of articles called #KivaLoveLetter. Here we will highlight some of our favorite stories that have been shared with us by our patients. Nothing makes our team happier than knowing that our products are positively impacting people's lives. If you would like to share a story with us, there are several ways you can get in touch. You can email us at Or you can post your story on one of the following social media channels and tag us: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, including the hashtag #KivaLoveLetter. Every letter will have the potential of being featured on our blog and shared on social media- so make sure you include an image!

If you would like to read more inspiring stories, check out Illegally Healed, a website hosting both patient stories and educative resources. 

Our first Kiva Love Letter story comes from four-year-old patient Jesse via Lauren McNaughton, one of our Northern California Territory Managers. It is a beautiful one heart

 Today I was brought to tears at an event here in Mount Shasta when I got to meet Kiva's biggest and strongest fan, Jesse. Jesse is 4 years old and has been fighting leukemia for two years!  After two years of unsuccessful chemo treatment for leukemia, he nearly died at 3 years old and 20 pounds. His father got him a cannabis card and is his designated caregiver. He found the perfect dose for Jesse using Kiva bars. Jesse has a specific dose for the morning as well as bedtime to help with his nausea and appetite. At four years old, Jesse is making leaps and bounds in his treatment; he has gained 10 pounds and feels happy and comfortable. Currently his favorite Kiva bar flavor is Vanilla Chai, with Mint Irish Cream being his second favorite. Look out leukemia, Jesse is gonna kick your butt! This has been the most amazing, humbling experience and I will cherish having the privilege of meeting such a strong kid like Jesse for the rest of my life! For the record, Jesse ranges between 20-30MG of THC with occasional CBD drops as well. I gave Jesse a Tangerine, Mint Irish Cream, and Vanilla Chai bar, as well as our CBD bar, which I think will be perfect for his dosing needs :) Thanks again for letting me work for such a great company!