Jesse's Present

We just had to share this immensely heartwarming story from Lauren McNaughton, one of Kiva's Nothern California Territory Managers.
Just wanted to send out a warm holiday wish from my personal favorite patient, who is most likely our youngest patient as well.
   Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse, a 4 year old boy from Mt Shasta who has spent more than half his life battling leukemia. After many long rounds of medical treatment, Jesse was sick, only 20 pounds and had NO energy. He was so sick the doctors could no longer continue his treatment until he gained some weight and blood cells.
   Jesse's father made the decision to try cannabis to help Jesse regain an appetite, and increase his quality of life. After some trial and error, Jesse found relief using Kiva bars! He uses very small doses of our Vanilla Chai and Mint Irish Cream bars. When I met Jesse, he had gained back almost half the weight he had lost, his hair grew back, and he had LOTS of energy and smiles!
    I was fortunate enough to be invited to Mount Shasta Patients Collective to join them in giving Jesse his very own power wheel for Christmas- He was SO excited! It was exactly what he wanted and an emotional event for all of us. On top of his power wheel, the Kiva family sent up a gift box of Legos, Kiva apparel, Kiva products and a card signed by many from our team. It was the best Christmas gift for me, watching this sweet little boy smile and be overwhelmed with joy. No child deserves to suffer as much as Jesse has in his short life, so it was such a treat to have a special event, just for him. 
    This is why we do this folks, and I am so happy to be part of this movement! Happy holidays to you all!