Help Kiva shut down an imposter account

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Kiva fans, friends and community- we have a big request for you. It came to our attention today that one of our imposter accounts on Instagram -, was posting hateful speech. It was shared by an account with a large following, and many members of our community believe these words came from us. We would really love your help in shutting them down- here's how to report an account: Go to @kiva.confections account on Instagram and click the three dots at top right next to their name, hit REPORT, and then select IT’S SPAM. This is the fastest way to resolve this issue, though we are pursuing all available channels. The current social media policies towards cannabis that allow legitimate businesses to be shut down, and imposters to flourish, needs to end. We are working with the @nationalcannabisindustry to evolve these policies and look forward to a future where cannabis education abounds online and upstanding companies flourish. Thank you so much for your support.

Here is Kiva's Co-Founder and COO Kristi Knoblich talking about this issue: