Marijuana & Fibromyalgia: Mary's Success Story

"When I went off of opioids and started using cannabis I was able to enjoy human touch again. I did not even realize I had lost that ability. With cannabis I am able to enjoy my life and be happy again."


Chronic Pain History
In 2001 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Prior to that I had been very healthy. I think it was a period of extreme stress that maybe brought it on. When it started I went from being very mobile to suddenly very debilitated. It started on one side of my body and then migrated to the other side until I could barely move at all. The pain was unbearable.

Previous Treatments
Prior to trying cannabis It took a long time for doctors to accurately diagnose me. For 8 years I was treated with pharmaceuticals, and many were to deal with the side effects of the initial drugs. At one point I counted that I had been prescribed over 43 drugs. At a certain point, I became a drug zombie. I was unable to drive my kids to school or to enjoy life. A turning point came for me when I blacked out and woke up in the ER.

Cannabis Experience
After my blackout I started to think of how I might improve my well being. First I cut out diet soda, then I started to eat organic. Then it occurred to me that cannabis might be a more natural solution and worth a try. The pharmaceuticals were not helping and in fact were making my life worse. I worked with my pain management doctor for 3.5 months to wean myself off of all prescriptions and use marijuana instead. I always say to people to work with a doctor when doing this! After starting cannabis it helped me manage my pain, I was much more mellow and my family wanted to spend time with me.

The Cannabis Tool Kit

At night I smoke Blueberry Kush, to help me sleep. During the day I will smoke Amnesia Mystery which helps with movement, especially on a bad day.


My favorite edible is by Kiva and it is the low dose 5mg Blueberry Terra Bites. When I am in pain I will take 10mg every 3-4 hours.

I make my own topicals with alcohol. Once I infuse the alcohol with cannabis I pour it onto wet wipes. Rubbing the wet wipe on an area with localized pain provides immediate relief for me.

Vape Pen
I use G Vape, which is Snoop Dog’s vape pen that has a dry chamber. I use kief within this as it is very cost effective.