Study: Cannabis Users Prefer To Feel Present, Focused

Kiva is very excited to be included in Miner & Co. Studio's breakdown of the importance of cannabis branding and packaging. Their study's findings about the new, sophisticated cannabis user is exactly why we created our new microdose mint Petra.

"A new class of Cannabis Consumers is reshaping marijuana culture. These individuals break the ‘out of it’ stoner stereotype in favor of feeling more ‘present’ and ‘mindful’ while they consume cannabis." 

As stated in Business Wire, "Cannabis has become an integral part of (users) overall well-being, with 9 in 10 stating they include cannabis as part of their wellness program alongside diet and exercise. For many, cannabis is also seen as a healthier, less addictive and more natural alternative to substances like alcohol, OTC and prescription drugs."

Kiva's chocolate bars and Terra Bite product line are featured in an infographic highlighting the importance of branding, packaging, and product.

Kiva is excited for this new demographic of cannabis users to discover our latest offering Petra. Petra mints contain only 2.5MG of THC and are Kiva's first sugar-free, non-chocolate product. To learn about the philosophy of microdosing and how products like Petra can fit into a healthy and active lifestyle, please visit