Camino-Inspired Music Playlists

Let Camino-inspired music playlists transport you to a California state of mind.

This summer, getaways to faraway will have to wait. Instead, let music and cannabis take you on a journey. We've curated 7 Spotify playlists to complement each effect delivered by our Camino Gummies. From Bliss to Chill, Excite to Recover, Uplifting to Social, and to cap it all off, Sleep.

Find all of Kiva's playlists here and dive into the inspiration for each one below. Bon voyage!

A place of passion and vitality, courtesy of our Excite playlist. Find yourself transported to a rooftop dance party, with music as invigorating as Wild Cherry Camino.

Transport yourself to a serene state of mind with our Chill playlist. Just like our Wild Berry Camino, these tunes take your mind to the land of laid-back.

Your journey to joy is about to begin. With our Watermelon Lemonade-inspired Bliss playlist, Paradise is now, and how.

A fully-refreshed feeling is just a few songs away: let’s dive in with the Recover playlist. Travel to a poolside state of mind and restore yourself with songs as rejuvenating as Freshly Squeezed Camino.

Ready for our Social playlist to take you to the intersection of euphoria and anxiety-free? Transport yourself to the same stressless state as Sparkling Pear Camino does, with songs that’ll have you feeling outgoing even when inside.

Let our Sleep playlist is taking you straight to siesta. Like settling in for a smooth slumber by a serene lake, these songs wash over you just like the tranquil effects of our best-selling Midnight Blueberry Camino.

Up, up and away we go! To a state of soaring spirits, with our Uplifting playlist. Like a delightful daytime desert adventure, these songs stimulate your senses and elevate your energy, for a feeling as fiery as Pineapple Habanero.