Cannabis Education at Arizona Cocktail Week

On Saturday Feb. 18, Kiva marketing manager Christie Strong will be joining The Clever Root, Huxton, Humboldt Distillery and more for a seminar exploring the potential culinary and beverage applications of cannabis, as well as offering an in-depth education into an emerging category in the Food & Beverage space. From the ABCs of CBDs, to responsible dosing and the basics of various extraction methods, this seminar will offer F&B industry professionals an inside look at the future of cannabis and its place in the hospitality industry.

Chef Holden Jagger of Altered Plates will be joining us and presenting two specially-created plates for this occasion- a Bullet Coffee and a Blackberry Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta. These will be unmedicated for the event, but you can feel free to use medicated Kiva products at home. Enjoy!


Bullet KIVA Coffee

Serving size 4 fl oz @ 3.6mg-4mg

Brewed coffee
1 gram Kiva Mint Irish Cream
2 drops mint oil 
1 Tablespoon Grass fed Butter

Brew a Full French press of coffee to desired strength. 

Portion a 1 gram section of KIVA Mint 

In a small blender take the grass fed butter, the 1 gram of KIVA Irish cream, the mint oil, and blend on high for one minute. Pour into a coupe, being careful to capture all the foam that has been generated. Top with a grated garnish of KIVA Irish Mint over the top of the glass.

Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta

(serves 50, 3.6 mg/serving)

1 Kiva Dark Chocolate Blackberry bar
4 quarts heavy cream
1 1/3 c granulated sugar
16 sheets gelatin 
2 t salt
630g of 70% chocolate
4 vanilla beans, scraped 

Bloom gelatin in cold water, wring dry, set aside. Scald half the cream, salt, and vanilla bean in a heavy sauce pan. Add the gelatin, whisk and dissolve. Pour over the chocolate and whisk until smooth. Add the remaining liquid and strain through a fine-mesh strainer. Pour the liquid into 2 oz. molds and refrigerate for at least four hours until set. To un mold, place the set panna cotta in a warm water bath to loosen it from the mold, invert and plate.

This panna cotta will stand on its own but would be wonderfully accompanied by some, macer-ated blackberries, with a little lemon zest and fennel frond for garnish and color.