Happy 420: 2017 Edition

Happy 4/20 family!

Team Kiva has been working overtime for the past couple weeks to make sure all of our patients know how much we love them. We also wanted to share some press we got on this special day today:

USA Today: "In Oakland, Calif, marijuana-infused edibles manufacturer Kiva made 60,000 special-edition samples of the company's low-dose Petra mints and plans to hold 55 sampling events around the state this week."

Vocativ: "Our users essentially become our biggest advocates."

HelloMD: "Cannabis is a medicine that has been used by our ancestors across the planet for thousands of years. It is only in recent decades that it became stigmatized, demonized and prohibited. 420 is a celebration of the culture that nurtured it back into acceptance. It is a holiday that reminds everyone touched by this plant to be vocal about their use and celebrate its re-emergence into popular acceptance."

From everyone here at Kiva, we hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy 4/20 this year!